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Just another ghost
Of another face
Just another memory
Of another place

Though these words seem empty
All long past due
I can’t help but write them
When I start to think of you

Though I know it’s over
And we are far apart
But your love will always
Reside in my heart

And I regret the things I said
I all the things I did
I wish I could correct them
And say sorry for them again

Though I know, you hate me
That conversation said and done
I’ll always love you
When the day’s done

Though you played me
And did me wrong
Yet I find myself
Singing this you song

Tears don’t come now
I’m broken beyond repair
You’re the one to blame for that
After all the things you did

I cry myself to sleep now
Every single night
But rarely do I sleep now
Or risk waking from a fright

I’m running out of things to sing
And I’m growing quiet tired
I hope to see you never
But we both know that’ll never happen

So see at the hell house
That I used to love
And still kind of do
But anyways one last thing to say:
Sorry about the ending I've b33n listening to too much Homestuck music 
PtKDotz Featured By Owner May 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
XD tha5 ending tho lol I like thiss tho
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Submitted on
May 2, 2014


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